Turkey - Erasmus +

Budget total
(€14.7 billion)

€1.68 billion for financing actions with third countries (partner countries), from the EU budget for external action.

Staff mobility

Around 800,000 lecturers, teachers, trainers, educational staff and professionals in the youth sector.

Global mobility possibilities

More than 4 million people

Higher Education

About 2 million students

Vocational education and training

Around 650,000 students

Volunteering and youth exchanges

More than 500,000 young people

Common Masters

Over 25,000 students

Sector Skills Alliances

More than 150, implemented by 2,000 vocational education and training service providers and companies

Knowledge Alliances

More than 150, set up by 1,500 higher education establishments and companies

Strategic partnerships

Around 25,000 partnerships involving 125,000 schools, vocational education and training establishments, higher education and adult education establishments, youth organizations and businesses